About Us

At InterVivo Solutions, our aim is to improve the clinical success of new drugs by providing translational models and transformative research services. We achieve this goal by providing:

  1. Clinically relevant animal models of disease and drug disposition in multiple species
  2. Access to state-of-the-art tools and techniques
  3. Expertise in adding value to pre-clinical drug assets and drug discovery programs

Translational Models

Clinical success is directly related to extrapolating pre-clinical efficacy into clinical endpoints. A key approach to reducing attrition of clinical candidates due to issues with efficacy is to employ predictive pre-clinical measures, models and designs. InterVivo provides predictive animal models and endpoints that increase the chances of successfully transitioning new drugs from animal to man. Our approach is to design and deliver efficacy, pharmacokinetics and safety studies, using spontaneous disease models and clinically relevant study designs. Combined with the efficiency afforded by our scale and scientific expertise, the result is a return of the highest value for our sponsors and their research programs.

Transformative Research

We're committed to conducting research aimed at building the value of your assets and transforming NCEs into viable clinical candidates. This transformative approach to drug discovery involves conducting research in multiple species and encouraging the evaluation of clinically relevant endpoints across multiple domains. We employ multiple signals of efficacy and safety, as well as integration of pharmacokinetics data earlier in the discovery process, to help build PK-PD relationships that guide candidate selection and optimize development strategies. Through this transformative approach, we aim to improve the likelihood of clinical success for new drugs.