InterVivo Solutions offers a capability for assessment of NCEs in efficacy tests of:

For cognition, InterVivo provides the opportunity to identify both efficacy and safety assessment for the cognitive disorder of interest. Some of these cognitive tests have direct human equivalents offering translation approaches to studying cognitive- and disease-modifying NCEs. For pain and epilepsy, several drug classes prevent both experimentally-induced seizures and reduce pain in animal models which translate into the clinic. Measurement of drug effects across both model types enables a broadening of therapeutic indications, and increased knowledge about biological property.

In the area of Obesity and Addiction, InterVivo has access to genetic models such as the Zucker fa/fa rat and can offer multiple levels of analysis including non-invasive techniques such as QMR to support longitudinal studies. For Parkinson's Disease, InterVivo offers both the MPTP and rotenone models in the rodent.