Advancing Translational Drug Discovery

Medicinal Cannabis

In Canada, as of October 17, 2018, the Cannabis Act makes marijuana legal for recreational as well as medical use. This has opened up an exciting new segment in drug development for companies worldwide. Our expertise as a Contract Research Organization in neurological disease, natural diseases of aging and analytical method development, makes InterVivo the perfect partner to team up with to assist in the development of products and claims. To date we have received licensing for both analytical and in vivo research using cannabis products, and regularly perform studies with scheduled psychotropic drugs through Health Canada exemptions. Our expertise in neurological disease models and laboratory testing capabilities are available to help support emerging research with this category of products, and we welcome your inquires for novel approaches for model and bioanalytical development.


The prevalence of depression and other mental health disorders has rekindled strong interest in the use and development of psychedelics as potential therapeutic agents. InterVivo is positioned to address this market opportunity with its robust suite of rodent behavioural models, as well as in-house expertise evaluating the drug-like properties of new chemical entities, including their distribution into the brain. InterVivo scientists are trained to detect and evaluate the classical behavioural signals of psychedelic drugs to help benchmark and differentiate NCEs against standard reference compounds, as well as identify potential safety liabilities. We invite researchers to explore our capabilities in this emerging research space.