Advancing Translational Drug Discovery

Unique to InterVivo is relaying a number of natural models of disease via our world-class canine colony. With the largest colony of aged dogs available in our industry, developed over years of internal study, we can boast that our canine expertise is sought in both the Human and Animal Health industries. Whether you are seeking spontaneous disease models of aging or require immediate access to dogs for PK or  safety studies, our colony is available to fast track your NCEs through development. From well developed Cognitive and Osteoarthritis models, Pain and Behavioural assessments to developing models for cancer, dermatology and diabetes, our natural models and expertise are available for your programs.

The Aged Dog Model

Our aged dog models take advantage of the similarities in age-related disease shared by dogs and humans, particularly mild cognitive impairment and osteoarthritis. This makes our aged dog colony useful for behavioural and cognitive studies of drugs targeting disorders that can be translated into human drug development. Our vast expertise with our colony and assessing behavioural endpoints, such as pain, make this natural model of OA a unique and valuable tool to predict clinical outcomes.



Studies can include comprehensive imaging support provided in conjunction with local university laboratories. Our imaging capabilities are managed by veterinary radiologist and medical physicist support.

InterVivo can provide MRI (1.5T, 3.0T, 7.0T, 9.4T) for rodents, cats, and dogs at all listed field strengths, CT (4-slice, 64-slice, and micro-CT), PET and micro-PET, SPECT, ultrasound, plain and contrast radiographs, QMR and DEXA.


Veterinary and Pet Food Services

For over a decade, InterVivo has been providing research and development services in the companion animal market. Our scientists and veterinarians are leading experts in the field of cognition and general behaviour, anxiety, aging, and life-span development.

Leading veterinary medicine developers trust us to help guide and conduct innovative research studies and early proof-of-concept evaluations that provide evidence to support product claims and regulatory submissions.

Our goal is to help evaluate and develop innovative products which improve the quality of life of companion dogs and cats.