Advancing Translational Drug Discovery

Trust in our DMPK expertise to guide you to the finish line; from quick and cost-effective PK-Bridge™ screening program, to our full suite of advanced lead characterization models, InterVivo will be with you every step of the way.

Our expert designed pharmacokinetics studies provide reliable data that ensures faster screening, selection and development of your lead candidates. Together with our Bioanalytical, Efficacy and Safety services, we offer unparalleled depth of experience in drug development.

Due to our commitment to translational models, we have developed several specialized techniques to assess drug distribution. For example, our microdialysis expertise provides insight into drugs that cross the Blood-Brain Barrier; our decade long partnership with PhoenixBio, offers reliable and expertly crafted assessment of pharmacokinetics in the PXB-Humanized® Liver Mouse.


InterVivo is committed to improving the clinical success of new drugs by developing and offering translational models and transformative research services. Our purpose is to reduce the risk in drug discovery by offering uncompromised, value-driven research solutions. However, current budget realities leave little room for high-quality, specialized drug discovery services, which often means the translational gap gets even wider.

The PK-Bridge program offers expertly designed pharmacokinetics studies carried out under the same high-standards as our other services, but at a price that is within reach of most discovery budgets. By strategically regulating the total number of these standardized studies that we run every month, we are able to stay devoted to improving and developing additional predictive models.

Our solution: The PK-Bridge program

  • Rodent PK studies include:
  • Up to n=6 male rats OR n=48 male mice
  • PO and IV dosing (other routes available)
  • Sampling at 8 standard time points up to 24 hrs post-dose
  • Samples shipped for analysis at additional cost
  • Add bioanalysis and reporting which includes:
  • LC-MS/MS method development and qualification for a test article
  • Processing and analysis of study samples
  • Pharmacokinetics analysis and standardized reporting

Advanced Models

InterVivo provides customized In Vivo pharmacokinetics studies using advanced surgical models in rats, mice, hamsters and guinea pigs. Our skilled and experienced scientists perform all procedures in-house which ensures the health of the animals and quality of the results, while providing flexible schedules. Examples of advanced models include:

  • Cannulated Mouse PK Studies using Automated Blood Sampling
  • Bile-duct cannulation for sampling of bile with or without bile salt replacement
  • Intra-intestinal catheterization for drug administration bypassing the stomach
  • Portal vein catheterization to determine compound concentrations entering the liver following oral administration

CNS Drug Disposition

InterVivo Solutions is committed to improving the success of new drugs by offering translational models and transformative research services. For CNS targeted therapeutics, the disposition of a drug in the brain is a vital factor in understanding its efficacy and safety profile. With a combination of state-of-the-art techniques and extensive CNS development expertise, InterVivo is able to provide support for critical lead selection and development decisions, thereby helping improve the quality of clinical candidates.


Safety Studies

Starting with the finish line in mind, by including safety and tolerability endpoints in our efficacy and PK studies across multiple species, we are able to identify potential risks and liabilities in NCEs early, thereby avoiding unnecessary delays further down course.


Bioanalytical Services

Count on our experienced bioanalytical team for rapid and reliable bioanalytical support. With the latest in instrumentation, our bioanalytical team and services are available as a stand-alone method development and sample analysis, or in conjunction with our wide array of in vivo studies. Our team is always on top of their game. Every year we analyze hundreds of NCEs and develop customized analytical solutions across various industries, keeping us nimble and efficient, offering quick and cost-effective analytical solutions, each and every time.

  • Bioanalytical Services Include:
  • Rapid LC-MS/MS method development in biological matrices for early-screening as well as lead optimization studies
  • Method transfer, validation, and optimization in various biological matrices
  • Cassette method development and qualification for analysis of co-administered drugs
  • Flexible, sponsor customizable qualification criteria to match internal or third-party standards
  • Metabolite Profiling and Identity Confirmation
  • Various standard and custom biomarker assays available
  • Cannabinoids Analysis with CTLS Licensing

The PXB-Mouse®: The Human Advantage

The PXB-Mouse® is the most commercially advanced and extensively published Mu/Hu Liver Chimeric model for drug development. The PXB-Mouse® is used extensively in liver disease drug development as well as DMPK and Toxicological studies.

The PXB unique replacement method produces PXB-Mice® with normal human liver tissue and function including the secretion of human albumin and human-type bile profiles. Replacement indices average 80-85% for standard studies. The PXB-Mouse® liver further demonstrates normal human function via the expression of over 95% of mRNAs expressed in the normal human liver, as well as the expression of human metabolic enzymes and transporters.

Study Services:

The PXB-Mouse® can be used in a wide range of studies including general Drug Metabolism, Pharmacokinetics & Safety or disease specific viral Hepatitis & NASH. Equally viable, the PXB-Mouse® can be utilized in emerging technologies such as Gene-editing. PXB-Cells® are also available for in vitro study requirements allowing translation of in vitro data to in vivo data with the same human hepatocytes.