InterVivo Solutions and Transpharmation Enter into Co-Marketing
and Co-Development Joint Venture

TORONTO, Canada and LONDON, UK – November 12, 2017 - InterVivo Solutions Inc., a Canadian-based contract research organization, and Transpharmation Ltd., a UK/European-based contract research organization, announced today a strategic joint venture to co-market and co-develop an expansive suite of translational research services that will assist global pharmaceutical and biotech industries develop novel therapeutics to treat diseases of the Central Nervous System (CNS). Both companies have a pre- existing Global client base built on a scientific reputation of ‘best in class’ translational Drug Discovery support.

InterVivo Solutions currently offers services and models that include, rodent models of pain, epilepsy, cognition, obesity, abuse liability and Parkinson’s disease, natural aged canine models of osteoarthritis, Alzheimer’s disease progression and anxiety, and exploratory safety, intracerebral microdialysis and PK capability. Transpharmation offers complimentary models in the same therapeutic areas, underpinned with clinically-relevant technologies such as EEG and biomarker platforms applied from rodent to man in indications of cognitive impairment, treatment resistant depression, sleep disturbances and Parkinson’s disease.

Mark Duxon, CEO of Transpharmation said, “We are excited to enter into this co-marketing agreement with InterVivo Solutions. The joint venture will provide our clients with seamless access to complimentary services that place our companies as leaders in the CNS therapeutic development space”.

Joseph Araujo, CEO of InterVivo added, “The bridging of Transpharmation’s expertise in EEG, biomarkers and human experimental medicine capabilities with InterVivo’s translation approach and aged models of disease augments both our companies translational strategies that ultimately will improve our clients ability to develop drugs that will bring clinically relevant benefits to patients and their families”.

About InterVivo Solutions

InterVivo is a Canadian-based preclinical contract research organization with a mission to develop and provide translational animal models and transformative research services in an effort to improve the clinical success of new therapeutics, particularly in Central Nervous System indications. In addition to drug metabolism, exploratory safety and pharmacokinetics screening, InterVivo provides rodent models of cognitive dysfunction, obesity, abuse liability, pain and epilepsy, and Parkinson’s disease. InterVivo also provides a natural aging canine model of human diseases with a particular emphasis on Alzheimer’s disease progression, osteoarthritis, obesity, cancer and metabolic disorders.

About Transpharmation

Spun out of GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals (GSK) in 2010, Transpharmation has rapidly established itself as a leading provider of translational pharmacology services to the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry. With a leadership team taken from GSK Neuroscience, Transpharmation now has a Global reach, helping clients across the USA, European Union and Asia. Building on its expertise in Behavioral Pharmacology and EEG, Transpharmation opened an Irish Subsidiary, Transpharmation Ireland, that has quickly established itself as a premier provider of biomarker analysis in preclinical and clinical studies.

InterVivo Solutions Inc.
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Contact: Joseph Araujo, President and CEO

Transpharmation Ltd.
2 Royal College Street, London, NW1 0NH, United Kingdom
Contact: Mark Duxon, CEO