PXB-Mouse Studies

Phoenix Bio Humanized Liver Mouse Studies

PhoenixBio USA and InterVivo Solutions have partnered to offer Drug Research Studies using the PXB-Mouse®- A Chimeric Species of Mouse with a Humanized Liver.

The PXB-Mouse® is the most commercially advanced chimeric model of mouse with a humanized liver, which is useful in pre-clinical drug discovery and development. The model has been studied extensively by multi-national biopharmaceutical companies, for its utility as a translational model, to provide insights into the human metabolism and safety profile of new drugs. The mice have also been used extensively in Hepatitis-C and Hepatitis-B drug discovery research.

As part of PhoenixBio's US expansion, it has selected InterVivo for its unique drug discovery and development skillset and expertise. Through this collaboration, InterVivo will provide clients full support including study design, in-life experiments and sample analysis, expert data interpretation and reporting, consultation of study outcomes and experimental strategy follow-up. This full-service approach accelerates research timelines for sponsors, where both the timeliness and value of the results could lead to millions of dollars in drug development cost savings.

Typical study designs include:
  • Metabolic Profiling
  • Enzyme Induction/Inhibition
  • ADME/Tox Studies
  • Drug-Drug Interaction Studies
  • Bile Excretion Studies
  • Human Bioavailability and PK Evaluation

To learn more about the PXB®-Mouse, please contact us or visit PhoenixBio.